Reviews of “Every 90 Seconds”

“This intelligent and compassionate book offers the tools to heal our world and it provides the gift of hope.”

-Jennifer Freyd, Center for Institutional Courage

A writer in the trenches convincingly asserts how violence against women diminishes all of us equally…DePrince, a psychology professor and recognized authority on the subject…clearly delineates how cycles of violence perpetuate poverty, child abuse, and other social ills, including blunted education, lack of job advancement, and unwieldy health care costs….The author stresses the need for an inherently different, community-based approach to the problem….The bottom line, she argues, is that addressing the issue collectively should be a priority for everyone, and she offers a detailed framework for change.” 


This book is a must-read! Its comprehensive and multifaceted approach to DV is thoughtful, powerful and a call to action! Everyone working in this field should have this book!

Sandie Campenella, Domestic Violence Investigator, Boulder County District Attorney’s Office

In its fast-paced 172 pages, DePrince examines the ramifications of intimate violence—its staggering toll on families and children, on classrooms and workplaces, on the economy, on public health and safety. But she also ponders why, after extensive and heartfelt efforts by advocates and public officials, the problem persists.

Tamara Chapman, DU Magazine

Just like everything else Dr. DePrince touches, this book provides comprehensive coverage of science-backed facts that are linked together to help us understand the devastating impact of domestic violence, how it is affected by and affects every aspect of our society, and what we (each of us individually and collectively) can do to address the problem.

Dr. Carolyn Allard, Amazon Review

The author did a spectacular job with this book- particularly with synthesizing current research, infusing survivor perspectives, and writing in an approachable style. The book allows you to see how violence against women intersects with various systems (e.g., healthcare, education, migration, criminal justice system) and provides guidance on how to find your personal connection to this far-reaching problem. Overall, this is book that empowers and ‘calls in’ readers to roll up their sleeves and get to work in ending violence against women.

Aimee, Goodreads

This excellent book would be of interest to researchers, students in social work programs, and anyone who has an interest in the issue of violence against women.

Diane Fulkerson, Library Journal

“Violence against women fills our newsfeeds. Was it always this way and can anything be done? Anne DePrince answers these questions by providing a history of the movement to end violence against women as well as promising practices from her own research that can help communities respond in joined-up ways.”

Louise Godbold, Executive Director of Echo, and Weinstein survivor

“DePrince reveals in this remarkable book that each act of violence against a woman reverberates throughout society. Drawing on her years of experience as a scientist and advocate, DePrince lays out a roadmap to end violence against women. This intelligent and compassionate book offers the tools to heal our world and it provides the gift of hope.”

Jennifer Joy Freyd, Professor Emerit of Psychology, University of Oregon, and Founder & President, Center for Institutional Courage

“Dr. DePrince expertly weaves news headlines, personal anecdotes, and research into a powerful (and readable) call to action. She identifies steps each of us can take to build a future without violence against women. As a woman, a lawyer, an activist and a professor, I am grateful for this book, which I will share with students, colleagues and community.”

Professor Meg Garvin, MA, JD, MsT, Director of the National Crime Victim Law Institute at Lewis & Clark Law School

“Dr. DePrince has paid tribute to the field of work of ending violence against women while providing, how we can adjust perspectives and systems moving forward. Every 90 Seconds: Our Common Cause Ending Violence Against Women challenges us to consider new ways of working to ensure that all survivors are supported through collaborative and community action, and to end the public health crisis of violence against women.”

Ruth M. Glenn, CEO & Survivor, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)

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