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“It’s time for new messages communicating that we all — regardless of our genders — refuse to tolerate another generation of girls raised in the shadow of #CouldBeMeToo.”

For media or event inquires, contact Cayla DiFabio (Senior Publicist, Oxford University Press) or Anne DePrince.

Selected Opinion-Editorials

Opinion: When allegations of sexual assault and harassment emerge, institutions need to take action. The Colorado Sun with Dr. Kathy Becker-Blease.

Opinion: Inaction on unemployment benefits is very bad news for women facing abuse. The Colorado Sun with Dr. Joanne Belknap

The Links between Mass Shooters and Domestic Violence. The Crime Report with Dr. Joan Cook.

Opinion: Downturn in the economy: Uptick in exploitation. The Hill with Dr. Joan Cook.

Opinion: Long after the coronavirus, domestic violence victims will need help with Naomi Wright.

Harvey Weinstein’s trial and understanding sexual assault The Hill with Dr. Joan Cook.

Criminal justice reform for all, including crime victims. RealClear Policy with Meg Garvin.

Opinion: The invisible victims of traumatic brain injury. Scientific American Blog with Dr. Kim Gorgens.

Guest commentary: What the #MeToo epidemic means for #CouldBeMeToo. Denver Post.

Selected Podcasts and Videos

Harvey Weinstein and #MeToo: One Year Later – Interview with Dr. Anne DePrince
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